Where is Our Village?


We set off on a journey to go to Diyarbakir in a scorching weather.Because we didnt know how to get there, relative of my cousin accompanied us in our exciting journey. He was taking us to the lands of our ancestors which is called Haciosman Village also in where my father was born. It was going to be the first time we would see the village. We had so many expectations of our legend village which would be explained us so much hitherto that we spent our time by imagining all the expectations. :)

We were passing through the roads.. we would be welcomed by acquaintences and even by relatives who we wouldn't know then, we would relieve tiredness by having natural buttermilk and eventually we could stroll around the village listening to seniors who would tell of our grandparents who we've never seen, memories, childhood of my father, uncles, aunts..

Our 2-hour journey was coming to an end and the smell of cowpat was like saying 'welcome' to us :) what we expected was that there would be various fields dressed up by verdant wonders of the nature, nevertheless, sadly, what we met was a small, 'away from water' village that had 3 or 5 trees. This boggled our minds, and while it was happening we were just getting out of our car and we didn't know we would meet more interesting things like that.

Old Relatives welcomed us. We cuddled each other, then we introduced ourselves to them and so they did. There, Uncles started explaning memories with their friendship with my father. It is how great conversations got started.

We, a bit, strolled around the soil of our ancestors. we just gave a break our little travel to go to Orhan Uncles's home who is my father's and uncles' childhood friend also who is our relative. We got deep in conversation with people we just met. we sat in a pretty room facing back yard. We adored the stunning fragrance of flowers in back yard. While we were being parched by hot sun on top of us, little cute girl of the home came to room with a tray in her hand. We got excited so much that our eyes shined. Yes, there was buttermilk of our village in glasses and we were dying for drinking them. As tray was getting closer, i just understood that it was not buttermilk, however, it had to be a joke because we didn't go there to drink coke. we just pouted because of this situation. We regretted to get the glasses but we also had to try to save the situation :) Why they didn't offer us buttermilk was that landlord thought that we wouldn't like it and he chose the coke to offer. Because we admired the buttermilk, we were offered excellent water buffalo yogurt. We ate it with delicious village bread. After we freshened up with  excellent yogurt, we went on our journey. Sometimes, we travelled with flocks of ship, everywhere was cheering up with voices of hens and cocks. We enjoyed the peace and serenity.

As i reported in my previous story 'We can't own a village we have never been to..' It is like that, because, so far, i couldn't find what i have wanted there. Do you think these are all? Let's see what is more..

We wanted to have some fresh air and we tried to go to back yard, however, garden door was closed suddenly. Homeowner, Uncle Orhan drew curtains apart, and a cabinet was seen. Door of the cabint was opened, surprise!! It was an air conditioner. Apart from the uncle who commanded the air conditioner, I just stared at it. I ask myself saying 'Where are the purity and the spontaneousness of my village? :) It was not like how our seniors explained us. As i was deploring about what was going on there, little boy of the home came in sitting next to my cousin who was taking picture through his cellphone. The little boy wanted the pictures from my cousin. My cousin said he could send the pictures after he printed. The Kid looked at the pictures also checked the phone carefully and then he left the room. He turned back with bag. We, normally, supposed that he would show off his homeworks he did or pictures he drew, but, a box came out of the bag and there was laptop in the box. The kid took out his usb connection cable and he saved the pictures in his laptop.

I can never forget our faces with my cousin when it happened :)

After the transfer of the pictures, we started travelling the village. Life experiences, what had been lived and memories were travelling with us, this time, what has been explained us was being visualized in our eyes.

We wondered about 'tractor journeys' in the past. When we went to field, we memorized the stories about 'falling down from the tractor' like we lived them. We were getting excited so much, however, when we saw the top model tractor we just lost our interest. :)

Our village was developed so much that we couldn't even follow the innovations while one day :). Even so, it was still enjoyable to get on the tractor. Coming of coke as waiting for buttermilk, air conditioner that prevented us to see the backyard, the kid's laptop.. All of them was so funny. These are what's going on in our village how is yours? :)

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